Metal Roofing & Siding

Steel is a unique material that can be recycled through a closed-loop system, meaning that the steel is truly reused and recycled, conserving energy, and natural resources. Metal roofing and siding is an excellent cost-effective alternative to asphalt shingle roofs as the it is permanent and will rarely need replacing. Consider equipping your residential, commercial, or agricultural space with steel roofing and siding. You will conserve energy in your home and leave a minimal environmental footprint on the planet.

  • Architectural Appeal
  • Durable & Long Lasting
  • Easy & Fast Installation
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fire & Weather Resistance
  • Energy Efficient

Metal Max Authorized Dealer

Here we offers premium metal roofing and siding panels and trim in a wide variety of styles and colors to make your building look beautiful. From classic and low maintenance panels to more versatile panels, MetalMax is equipped for your needs. These panels can be used for roofs, siding, or sliding doors on residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings. MetalMax also supplies the related building supplies, accessories and contractor tools that will ensure your building systems function efficiently and that contractor jobs are accomplished quickly and safely.

  • PBR Panel
  • Max Panel
  • Max Loc Panel
  • Max Seam Panel
  • Drip Stop
  • Trim & Ridge Vents
  • Installation Supplies
  • Tools
  • Building Accessories


Choosing the best metal roofing and siding colors to suit your residential, commercial, or industrial structure provides curb appeal and differentiates your property from its surroundings. Whether the metal colors stand out or match perfectly with other structures on your property, we have metal color combinations for your every need.

Before picking out a good metal roof color, it’s best to select the style of the metal panels first. It is important to note that when you install metal roofing or metal siding panels, it is difficult to change the panel colors without replacing the entire job. Therefore, selecting the color that appeases you most is essential. This decision impacts both the price of your metal roofing and siding and the color options available by panel type.

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Both the owner and the staff were knowledgeable and friendly.

Ricky Jeffrey

Great customer service. The people at the front desk knew their product very well and were very accommodating - within reason, of course. Their yard person was pleasant and light-hearted as well. Love the knife sharpener they have in the lobby, just in case you have something that needs sharpening (or in case your bartering skills aren't up to par LOL!)

Moses P

A great source for used drill pipe for fence posts. Good selection of new steel, also. And very nice folks. Plus, they are on a cul-de-sac; very easy to maneuver and turn around a large trailer.

Christopher Dinnes

Connie was very patient with me as I called 4 different times to ask about size and pricing. They are the only place I found that is open on Saturday. When we went to pick up our tubing, everyone else was just as friendly and helpful. I highly recommend them for your piping and metal needs!

Christy Harris

I needed planters for landscaping, Connie, Dave and their team were instrumental in the results seen in the attached pictures. Their turn around time was quick and their ideas were very creative which helped me design a unique beautiful view across my front lawn.

Nicole Zezulka

I'm a local Georgetown Blacksmith, and these guys are my go to for all my steel needs. Great people.

Michael Myers

Great source for custom fence braces. I called in the morning with a request for a custom fence brace. After a friendly exchange I provided a sketch and quickly received a quote via email. A phone call and a few tweaks to the design in order to meet my price point resulted in 3 x welded braces built precisely to my requested specifications by 4pm that same day. Allways friendly and willing to take the time to discuss design ideas and material prices.

Rolando Garcia

Excellent experience, outstanding customer service, great pricing. Veteran owned business, never have to wait for more than a few minutes. Dave, Connie and George all very helpful and have solutions for any of my farming and ranching needs.

Rick Hollar
Call 512-688-5535